Le Marche Holiday House Location

Sant’ Angelo in Pontano is in the Macerata district of Le Marche, between the Sybilline mountains and the sea. Nearest towns of note are San Ginesio, Sarnano, Macerata, Toelntino, Fermo, Civitinova and Porto San Giorgio.

The house sits in farmland on the edge of the village, a five minute walk away up a steep slope or a two minute drive. The village is within immediate sight lines from the house.

Getting to the house

You will need a car to get to the village. Once at the house, you can live out of the village without transport.

Sant’ Angelo is accessible from many airports;

Ancona  1.10 hours

Perugia 1.15 hours

Pescara 2 hours

Bologna and Rome 3 hours

The roads all the way are easy (triple/dual carriageway motorway for much of the way) and the final drive down to the house from the road is on a well-made surface – no steep slopes or loose rubble to contend with.